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STARS FELL ON Limited Edition CD


STARS FELL ON Limited Edition CD


Recorded and mixed at the Foxhole, on Turkey Heaven Mountain, in the hills of East Alabama, by Willem Maker, with Slingerlands by WCE and aesthetic assistance by Studio Alembique. Mastered by Sarah Register at the Lodge, NYC. Original artwork and all songs by Willem Maker, © 2007 Makerworks Recordings. In memory of William A. Patterson (1943-2003)



Outside the Limits

Red as a Rose

Vale Lost to the World I

Mount River Song

Raised in Praise

Don't Be Long

Vale Lost to the World II

Get On Down the Road

Pale Rider


released 15 May 2007

Makerworks Recordings MWR001

reissued 02 September 2008 Big Legal Mess (Fat Possum) BLM0204

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