Limited edition Agapao poster


Almost a year to the day after the release of Agapao, Makerworks is pleased to announce a limited edition poster which features Christoph Mueller’s cover artwork as he originally designed it in collaboration with Willem Maker. Christoph spent so many hours and so much ink on this work, and there’s been such positive feedback regarding the album cover, it seemed like an obvious choice to have it printed in its full glory, both in terms of layout and detail. Maker and Mueller originally discussed and designed this poster many moons ago, and after such a long delay, it’s wonderful to finally see it printed so beautifully. Autographed and numbered by Willem, the 18 x 24 poster, limited to 250 prints, features 250gsm paper stock and a matte machine varnish. Special thanks to Eric and the folks at Pirates Press in San Francisco for doing such great work. Please visit the new storefront here to order your print while they last!


Also, another belated, Agapao related project is finally ready to see the light of day. Maker’s previous video contributions to the web are quite long in the tooth at this point, so here’s “Rosebud,” live at the Foxhole from December, which was originally intended as a 2012 New Year’s shout to the faithful:


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