New Moon Hand CD

New Moon Hand CD


Produced and mixed by Scott Bomar and Willem Maker. Executive producer Bruce Watson. Recorded at the Foxhole by Willem Maker, the Beech House by Mark Nevers and Electrophonic Recording by Scott Bomar and Keiland Holleman. Musicians include Scott Bomar, Cedric Burnside, Pete Commings, Tony Crow, Jim Dickinson, Phyllis Duncan, Ben Hall, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Ben Martin, and William Tyler. Mastered by Sarah Register at The Lodge. Original artwork by Christoph Mueller. All songs by Willem Maker, © 2009 Red Hollow Sound (BMI). 


Black Beach Boogie 

Rain On a Shinin 

White Ladye 

Hex Blues 

Saints Weep Wine 

The Greatest Hit 

Stars Fell On 

New Moon Hand 

Old Pirate's Song 

Lead & Mercury 

Hard to Hold 



released 17 March 2009 

Big Legal Mess (Fat Possum) BLM0221

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