Happy Release Day!!! It’s with great pleasure that I’m finally able to share my new album, The Earth Is All That Lasts, with you. It’s been a long and winding road, but at last, here we are! I’ll keep this note kinda short so you can get to the music, but if you somehow missed the last newsletter that covered all the “making of” details, you can still read it here.

Right now, TEIATL is a digital-only release and there’s no immediate plan for CDs or vinyl (hopefully that’ll change at some point in the future), but you’ll find a lil surprise over at the Bandcamp store. Not only is there the standard 44.1/16 version, that you can download in lossless formats and high quality MP3s, but for the first time, Makerworks is proud to offer a 96/24 “Hi-Res Edition” for the audiophiles in the crowd. You’ll notice it features a cool variation of the gorgeous cover art by our good friend and brother-in-arms, Christoph Mueller.

Speaking of Mr. Mueller, he shared an incredible video this week and to quote the man himself, “Here’s a little film I put together of Willem Maker performing ‘Where the Bright Angel Tolls’ at the Foxhole on Turkey Heaven Mountain, Alabama, and me working on the cover artwork in Aachen, Germany — documenting the now.” You can watch it here.

So, big thanks for all the support over the years, and I truly hope you enjoy these strange new sounds from the mountain, somewhere in Alabama.

Download : music.makerworks.com